Features : DD+ Suction tips meets the international standaeds with CE ISO. Latex free, Non..

Fine Grain - high silver content (68.7 %) alloy This product has been all time favorite all these ..

Root Canal Sealing Material is a two-component paste/paste root ..

Gives perfect details of the cast and is quite strong. There is no change in dimension or it do..

Cavit™ is a self-cured, filling material for temporary restoration of cavities.It is simple to appl..

Personal protection for both clinicians and patients is important in the dental operatory. Something..

Suraksha Examination Gloves is the Non sterile latex gloves of international standards .This p..

(SHORT EXPIRY DEAL)Color Changing ALGINATE Available Flavor : Mint Flavor / Green Color ..

A Zinc Oxide - Eugenol impression material. ·         In ..

Programmable Dental Chair: 3 Changeable programs & 3 Fix programs [Zero, Gargle & Hea..

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