Neelkanth's Hard Stone. Extra Hard Dental Stone Plaster Neelkanth's Hard Stone Plaster. ..

GC Tooth Mousse is a water based crème containing RECALDENTTM * (CPP-ACP: Casein Phosphopeptide –A..

A Zinc Oxide - Eugenol impression material. ·         In ..

FUJI-1 GC Gold label glass ionomer luting & lining cement radiopaque self cure glass ionomer lut..

Suraksha Examination Gloves is the Non sterile latex gloves of international standards .This p..

Cavit™ is a self-cured, filling material for temporary restoration of cavities.It is simple to appl..

A satin textured, micro cellular Alginate powder. Lead free  Excellent dimensional sta..

This Intra Oral Camera is the real 3 in 1 that provides you with  three outputs signals ..

An ideal assortment of abrasives impregnated with polishing compounds to provide fast and brill..

Coltosol F is a temporary, eugenol-free filling material. The ease of use and the self-curing unde..

Personal protection for both clinicians and patients is important in the dental operatory. Something..

Articulated upper & Lower Jaws having 32 ivory screw able teeth. High quality silicon Fletcher..

1. Dental Acrylic is made of superior quality double walled materials.2. With the use of advance tec..

Spreads evenly no splash, special design to avoid sucking backward and avoids blocking. Eas..

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